Hugo’s Restaurant: “Stealthy Healthy”

IMG_0743[1] IMG_0736[1] IMG_0731[1]For 35 years, Hugo’s Restaurants have been a trailblazer in the quest to deliver healthy, delicious, and healing foods to their customers.  One of the staff coined “stealthy healthy” when describing how their gourmet meals are surprisingly good for you, with the majority of the menu being Vegan and Gluten Free.  Every week, Hugo’s in Conejo Valley uses 700 ingredients to create 400 recipes, in turn creating 70 of some of the most unique menu items seen in a restaurant.  Breakfast is an equal contender as the breakfast menu offers just as many creative and gourmet dishes as lunch and dinner.  Hugo’s succeeds at nourishing body and soul by blending flavorful and healthy, following the idea of Ayurvedic eating into modular meals that can be altered to suit just about anybody’s dietary needs.